We have the best and the most sold rubber bands in México. We have a type of rubber band for your specific needs.
Product leader in the market and used as a point of reference. made for the more demanding clients where quality, elasticity and durability is fundamental for the business. It is the only rubber band in the market made from 100% natural rubber, 100% biodegradable, odorless, and food grade.
  • The only 100% natural rubber in México.
  • More elasticity.
  • More resistant.
  • More pieces per bag than the competition.
    30% more.
  • Odorless.
  • No residues.
  • For people seeking quality.
For those looking for quality and price, yayo rubber bands is an excellent choice.
  • Very resistant.
  • Very elastic.
  • Economic price.
  • Contains 20% mas bands than
    the competition.
  • No residues.
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